Alterations & Repairs

We Are Pleased To Announce
– Fitzpatrick Cues –
Now Based At The Green Baize Showroom

Craig will be making bespoke cues to order.
All types of alterations and repairs will be undertaken.
 Re-Tip From – £5.00
Re-Ferrule – £10.00
Titanium Ferrule Supplied & Fitted – £50.00
Re-Align Joint – £10.00
Re-Place Joint – £25.00
Extension Joint Supplied & Fitted – £15.00
Weight Alteration – From £20.00
Re Taper Shaft Including Re-Finish – £30.00
Straightening From – £10.00
One Piece To ¾ Including Joint – £40.00
Lengthen Cue Using 4 Splice from – £70.00
Total Re-Finish – Clean,Re-Grain, Oil,Wax & French Polish – £30.00
Part Re-Finish – Clean,Oil  & Wax – £20.00

A few words from Criag Fitzpatrick – Fitzpatrick Cues

In 1991 I qualified as a Joiner from Laing Training before starting my professional career within this area. Over many years, this developed into starting my own joinery/cabinet making business which I continued to develop over my working life. During this time, I have been an avid snooker and billiards player, pursuing this as my personal hobby. This led me to qualify to play for England as part of the English National Team.

Mid 2016, I completed some work for Stuart Green at Green Baize Ltd. Due to being impressed with the level of craftsmanship, I was asked if I had thought about starting a career within the handmade cue business. After this point, I spent the next several months researching handmade cues, visiting workshops and existing established cue makers. From the information I gathered, I purchased my first ash timber and ebony blanks, practicing within a makeshift workshop set-up in my home garage. After bringing the finished product to Stuart for a review, my professional relationship with Green Baize Ltd started to develop. It was at this point that my passion for this business started to grow. I have a perfectionist mindset and the high level of craftmanship involved in cue making suits my personality and work ethos perfectly – proving to be a perfect career choice

After completing multiple handmade cues to meet customer specifications, I decided it was time to set up a full workshop. This has been achieved within the Green Baize  premises. I am now trading as Fitzpatrick Cues Ltd providing quality handmade cues to customer specifications, whilst carrying out cue repairs and alterations.

For more information please contact
Craig Fitzpatrick – 07512344222
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