Maximus info

  1. Maximus have the best selection of cues imaginable.

They offer Fantastic ranges from plain ebony with standard quality ash shafts up to 16 splice numbered Ultimate cues.

If you are wanting something personal you can choose a range and model of cue then select the splices and quality of shaft. Having cues made to order isn’t as long to wait as most custom cue makers, once a cue is ordered you will most likely have it in about 16 weeks, sounds a long time ? Not really when you consider how much time and effort goes into making a truly well crafted beautiful cue.
Many professional players are now using Maximus, the last count at least 8 out of the top 40 players in the world are now using Maximus.

Applies to all cue Ranges

  • Maximus cues are all fitted with end joint for use with extensions
  • All cues feature nice straight side grain with forward facing chevrons on the shaft which line up with the chamfer and name plate.
  • Very high quality finish to the entire Maximus cue range.
  • £25.00 extra when buying 1pc cues. 1pc cues are more time consuming to make than a standard 3/4 jointed cue so they cost that little bit more.
  • £10.00 extra when buying a cue with a maple shaft. The difficulty of finding good maple is being felt by all cue makers, time and wastage have caused this extra charge.

Classic series: Handmade ebony butt with ash or maple shaft.

  • Immortal – Plain ebony: From £214.50
  • Legend – 4 splice ebony with 1 splice of Asian wood: From £242.50
  • Heritage – 4 splices ebony with 4 splices of Asian wood: From £286.00
  • Precious – 4 splices ebony with 8 splices of Asian wood: From £323.50
  • Asian wood choice : Figured Ebony, Chechen, Black Palm, Afzelia, Amboyna, Praduke, Curly satin wood or Rose wood.

Premium Series : Handmade ebony butt with Premium quality ash or maple shaft.

  • Premium – Plain ebony: From £253.50
  • Legend Plus – 4 splices ebony with 1 splice of exotic wood: From £286.00
  • Honor  – 4 splices ebony and 4 splices of exotic wood: From £324.50
  • Prime   – 4 splices ebony and 8 or 16 splices of exotic wood: From £379.50

Exotic wood choice : Snakewood, Black & White ebony, Tulip wood, Olive wood, Ovangkol, Mun ebony, Birdeye Maple or Curly Maple.

Ultimate Cues : Handmade ebony butt with Highest quality ash or maple shaft.

  • Custom made cue mix and match your own design.
  • All Ultimate cue badges are numbered.
  • Ultimate – Plain ebony: From £423.50
  • Ultimate – 1 splice – 4 splice – 8 splice & 16 splice cues prices vary depending on how many splices and woods chosen.

Maximus Extensions

  • 3″ Solid ebony mini butt – £15.00
  • 6″ Solid ebony mini butt – £25.00
  • 6″ Exotic wood mini butt – £32.00
  • 9″ – 13″ Telescopic extension £25.00
  • 20″ extending to 34″ Telescopic extension – £35.00