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Helpful tips to find what you want on our new site.

Most of you will be fine finding your way around our new website, but for those of you who are struggling to find suitable cues please use the search for products menu to narrow down preferred options.

Limiting displayed products to 1 pc or 3/4 only
If you want a 1 pc snooker cue click on snooker cues to open the department, once the selected department is open you can add 1 pc to the search products menu and press enter. This will then only display 1 pc snooker cues, you can then select a brand or model to narrow down suitable options. This function can be used to find 3/4 cues as well.
You can narrow down 1 pc and 3/4 options in all departments in the same way.

  • Finding a cue using specifications
    If you want a certain tip size, length, weight you can add that information.
    Add info like this into the search products menu – 1 pc 9.5 58 18 (make sure you keep spaces between requirements).
    You can prioritise specifications in a way where you give yourself maximum options
    by only adding the essential details.
    Example : By adding only 1 pc 58 and pressing enter it will bring up all of the weight options and tip sizes associated with 1 pc 58 length cues.
    I hope this gives you a little help finding your way around.

Don’t forget you can also find cues and cases by clicking on a price range.

We have a good selection of cues displayed on our website but we have more availability in our showroom. If you haven’t found what your looking for or require more help please get in touch.

  • To see full size pictures click on the magnify icon.
  • Please note you can find – Delivery – Guarantee – Terms & Conditions – Information in the quick links menu at the bottom of the front page.