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The inspiration of

Palipon (Ton or Jack) Sombun is well known among snooker players for his passion for the sport. Since he was young, he evaluates, collects and exchanges different types and brands of cues. But to his dismay, his expedition of searching for the finest cues that suits him didn’t bore fruit. Thus, the only approach of solving the problem is to craft his own cues. That’s the purpose behind the establishment of TON PRARAM III CUES.
His knowledge and experiences as a fellow snooker player allows him to grasp the importance of every details and customization that every snooker player seeks from their own cues. His belief is that time, specs modification, and dedication is needed in order to produce the most suitable cue that brings out the potential of each individual player.

Since 2011, TON PRARAM III CUES is well acknowledged by the industry for outstanding quality, as we paid utmost attention to every single cue that we crafted. We import the most exotic and finest materials from around the world for cue crafting.
All of our cues are handcrafted by our professional craftsman, who has more than 30 years of experience in the production of cues.
We at TON PRARAM III CUES would like to be an alternative choice for players who’s fond of collecting exotic, exquisite looking, high quality cues, which enables them to further improve on their skills.

In the process of creating a TON PRARAM III Cue, we ensure that it is made from the finest materials available. Then each individual part of the cue will be crafted to your preferred specification, such as the stiffness of the shaft, weight distribution, etc.
Customers can also customize their own unique butt designs by choosing from our collection of exotic woods.
In our opinion every part of a cue (shaft, butt, balance, and tip) contributes to its perfectness. Therefore, any cue that didn’t meet our quality standard will be rejected.
As we only emphasize on crafting customized high quality cues, our raw materials’ curing time is extremely long. For example, the wood for shaft making was kept for more than a year before usage.

For the finishing touches, after repeated sanding by hand, we bath the cue using our own formulated cue oil. It gives the premium and silky smooth feel of natural wood that no other common lacquer can provide. SD joint is a standard on all cues.
It’s our pleasure and pride for your interest in our cues.